15 years ago, we started J&J Grassfed Beef with college friend Jack Rice.

That year we raised 2 animals mostly for our own families, but our friends loved it too and asked for more. 

We focused on direct to consumer sales, attending up to 12 farmers markets per week & starting one of the first meat CSA’s to southern CA.

We knew it was difficult and often expensive for young families (like ours) to eat healthy. We wanted to help change that.

Sometime during the journey….our vision for the future of our business changed.

It started when Hannah told me (Jay) we had to eat more than beef. (So, I guess that was sometime shortly after our wedding!) We began to pray, research and look for land near our hometown of Tehachapi.

In 2017 we found a run-down, rocky and overgrown sage brush property and like anyone else would we said to each other,

“why not turn this into a food producing hub for our community and customers.”

We knew there were more families like us wanting high quality, pastured, proteins and vegetable raised without the use of pesticides, herbicides, gmo seeds or synthetic fertilizers. Transparency that only comes through a relationship with the farmer(s).

Our goal is not just healthy and great tasting food but to build relationships and encourage others to enjoy the farm. 

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