J&J Grassfed Beef is now Brite Creek Farm.

After years of rasing grassfed beef our family farm has grown with you!      Find out more here
or better yet come visit!

Raising 100% grassfed beef, pastured organic chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruit & more.

“Eat the Brite Way…” Farming in Tehachapi, CA we serve all of Southern CA with Direct Home Delivery-Regional Shipping- Local Farm Pickup.   

Visit The Farm!

Open 3 days a week to serve you. 

Located 20101 Banducci Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561


Simplifying healthy habits

by serving you responsibly raised organic grass-fed beef, free range chicken and eggs.


Grass fed beef delivery at your door step (CA, AZ & NE)


”Simplifying healthy and sustainable food choices while building community”!

Jay, Hannah, JW, Bella & Callahan Shipman Tehachapi, CA


We love serving people. Our vision for healthy communities starts with our own!

Open 3 days per week:
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

offering our meats, organically grown seasonal produce, fruit, craft foods & gifts in our vintage Airstream trailer!

Fresh & Seasonal

Now available: eggs and specialty vegetables, grown right here in Southern California… 
Our family farming for You!

the Brite way…

  • Family Farmed…its how we eat, its why we share
  • Growing Healthy Foods, so you can live abundantly
  • Turning raw, overgrown sage brush land into a healthy organic family farm
    We are farmers caring for the land and animals
  • All pastures and vegetable fields are organic…no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers
  • 100% Grassfed and Organic Pastured Beef, Never Feed Grains
  • Dry Aged for Tenderness and Flavor
  • Small Family USDA Processing , Meats are Hand Cut & Packaged in small groups
  • Pastured Organic Non Gmo Chicken & Eggs
  • Scratching, Pecking, Soil Building, Grass Eating, and Sunshine Loving Poultry
  • No Antibiotics, Hormones, or Steroids
  • Diligently working to create a healthy farm, restore our soil, care for or animals and care for our community
  • Know your farmers and be confident in your food
  • Never in a hurry, its about producing the best
  • Southern California Sunshine, Fresh Mountain air, Cool Clean Water
  • Healthy Soil, Healthy Grass, Healthy Meats, Healthy Food, Healthy Family
  • Grass fed beef delivery at your door step


Our 17 year old son JW loves working on the farm and last week he told me he just loves to work together with his Dad. I was teary! (Don't judge) I have had many conversations in the past few years with other parents who wish their kids enjoyed being with them. That...

The Constant in Our Chaos…

The Constant in Our Chaos…

A couple weeks ago we had a friend out to the farm to snap photos of the scenery and life at Brite Creek Farm. We are not good at slowing down so photo shoots are not high on the priority list. I guess neither is marketing but that's another post. This photo was not...

Grass is the “Brite Way”

Grass is the “Brite Way”

One of the first responses from new customers when we tell them about our grassfed, grass finished beef is “don’t all cattle eat grass”?  It is a logical question based on what we see driving down the long and open roads of the west. Cattle grazing on rolling...

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