A couple weeks ago we had a friend out to the farm to snap photos of the scenery and life at Brite Creek Farm. We are not good at slowing down so photo shoots are not high on the priority list. I guess neither is marketing but that’s another post.

This photo was not staged… but caught…as we prepped for a few of the staged shots. We all busted up when we saw the “caught chaos”. Farming and life with teenagers resembles controlled chaos at best and this photo represents a lot of what life is on the farm. Including the one beautiful, poised and smiling face pointed right where it should be while the rest of us…try to figure out what the heck is going on.

Mom’s you are the anchor in our chaos. Life is still not normal and uncertain but Moms… you bring the peace, stability and joy the rest of desperately need.

Thank you My Sweet!

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