Chickens in the winter make me mad!  We are out every day moving them, feeding them, water them, saying sweet things to them, for what…little reward.  Their egg production goes way down, they stop producing like they should …or maybe they are doing exactly what they should be doing.  Chickens lay fewer eggs in the winter then the summer.  There are a lot of reasons why, but while collecting eggs the other day I thought…”Wow maybe chickens know something we don’t”  Chickens naturally rest their bodies during the dark days of winter gradually laying more and more eggs as the days get longer. They rested for a little but, gave their bodies a break and now they are back at it!  They do no worry about the fact that we are doing all we can to take care of them, they do not feel guilty for slowing down their production, even though we feed them the same great food, they allow their bodies a rest.  Can you imagine, taking a few months every year to go on sabbatical.   Slow down, let yourself rejuvenate, replenish, realign and not feeling guilty or stressed that you’re not doing enough.  Worrying people are expecting you to be productive.  Not chickens, they just go with it, not worrying about a thing, giving themselves a break…. maybe I need to do the same?  Maybe you do to?  Maybe on those days I feel tired, I need to stop, read a book, sit in the sun, take a nap! Maybe on the days I don’t feel well, I need to be okay with moving slower or needing a little extra care.  Maybe on the days I am out of ideas, I need to just be okay being quiet and allowing God to rejuvenate me.  Maybe I just need to move to the rhythms of grace.  Not perform, not produce, not be perfect.  Just be!  And on the day’s I feel great, well that’s just fine too!  Looking forward to spring!

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